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2005 Final Program

MSE05 Final Program





Sunday, June 12, 2005



8:00-8:30am                  Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30-10:00am                Session 1 - Moderator: John Lockwood


Welcome from Conference Chairs


Intro by the General Chair, John Lockwood


Keynote Ralph Cavin, Semiconductor Research Corporation

Generic Device Abstrations and Nanoelectronic Systems


Johannes Grad, James E. Stine, David D. Neiman:
Real World SOC Experience for the Classroom


10:00-10:30am Break (Beverages)


10:30-12:00pm Session 2 - Posters - Poster Chair: Wayne Burleson


            Poster session assignments listed below


12:00-1:30pm    Lunch



1:30-3:00pm      Session 3 - System Level Design - Moderator: Don Bouldin


Invited Speaker: Reiner Hartenstein, Univ. Kaiserslautern

Reconfigurable Computing being Mainstream: Torpedoed by Education


*C. Bieser, K. Mueller-Glaser, J. Becker: 
Hardware/Software Co-Training Lab: From VHDL Bit-Level Coding up to CASE-Tool based System Modelling


*Joseph Schneider, Mikel Bezdek, Ziyu Zhang, Zhao Zhang, Diane T. Rover: 
A Platform FPGA-based Hardware-Software Undergraduate Laboratory


3:00-3:30pm                  Break (Beverages)


3:30-5:00pm                  Session 4 - Posters - Poster Chair: Wayne Burleson


Poster Session Assignments listed below


5:00-5:45pm      Mixer


5:45-6:45pm      Dinner


6:45-7:15pm      Evening Keynote: John Gallager

Growth Areas in the Electronics Industry


7:30-9:00pm      Session 5 - EDA Panel Session - Moderator: Mark Johnson


Panel Members:


Ian Burgess of Mentor Graphics


Sylvia Chanak of Cadence Design Systems


Bernard Courtois of Circuits Multi-Project (CMP)


Dan Gale of the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC)


Rich Goldman of Synopsys


Wes Hansford of The MOSIS Service


Sandra Larrabee and John Gallagher of Synplicity





Monday, June 13, 2005



8:00-8:30am                  Continental Breakfast


8:30-10:00am                Session 6 - Novel Curricula - Moderator: John Nestor


Invited Speaker: Mani Srivastava, University of California, Los Angeles

Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks: A Driver for Holistic Education in Microsystems


Justin Gregg, Tom Chen (presentation by *Charles Thangaraj): 
PEER: Enriching Secondary Engineering Education Through a College Summer Camp


*Bjørn B. Larsen: 
Experts-in-Team, Interdisciplinary Project


10:00-10:30 am Break (Beverages)


10:20-12:00 pm Session 7 - Design, Test, and Verification - Moderator: Tina Hudson


*Robert Klenke: 
A UAV-Based Computer Engineering Capstone Senior Design Project


Jeff Mitchell, *John W. Lockwood: 
Tools for In-Circuit Testing of On-Line Content Processing Hardware


Emil Axelsson, *Magnus Björk, Mary Sheeran: 
Teaching Hardware Description and Verification


*Witold A. Pleskacz, Tomasz Borejko, Tomasz Gugala, Pawel Pizon, Viera Stopjakova: 
DefSim, the Educational Integrated Circuit for Defect Simulation


12:00                Send off to the DAC exhibits: free to all on Monday







Poster Sessions



Session 2 - Posters - 10:30am - 12:00pm, Sunday June 12



*Wayne Burleson, Sheng Xu: 
Digital Systems Design with ASIC and FPGA: A Novel Course using CD/DVD and On-line Formats



Saumil Merchant, Gregory D. Peterson, *Don Bouldin: 
Improving Embedded Systems Education: Laboratory Enhancements Using Programmable Systems on Chip



David Jeff Jackson, *Kenneth Ricks: 
FPGA-Based Autonomous Vehicle Competitions in a Capstone Design Course



*David Parent, Eric Basham, Shao Ng, Paul Weil: 
An Analog Leaf Cell for Analog Circuit Design



*Eunok Kim: 
A Study on Renovative Plans for Engineering Educational Curricula and Courses for SoC (System-on-a-Chip) Design Architects in Korea`s IT Industry



Hugo Hedberg, Joachim Neves Rodrigues, Fredrik Kristensen, Henrik Svensson, Matthias Kamuf, Viktor Öwall: 
Teaching Digital ASIC Design to Students with Heterogeneous Previous Knowledge



*John D. Lynch, Daniel Hammerstrom, Roy Kravitz: 
A Cohesive FPGA-based System-on-Chip Design Curriculum



*Juan Oliver, Fiorella Haim, Sebastian Fernandez, Javier Rodriguez, Pablo Rolando: 
Hardware Lab at Home Possible with Ultra Low Cost Boards



Luis Gomes, Aniko Costa: 
Remote laboratory support for an introductory microprocessor course



M. Martinez, S. Bracho: 
Design of a Microelectronic Circuits Course using Interactive Methods


Manoel Eusebio de Lima, Abnser Barros, Pericles Lima, Juliana Xavier (presented by *Edna Barros): 
Teaching SoC Design in a Project-Oriented Course based on Robotics



*Minsu Choi, Nohpill Park:
Teaching Nanotechnology by Introducing Crossbar-based Architecture and Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata



*Naehyuck Chang, Hyeonmin Lim, Kyungsoo Lee, Youngjin Cho, Hyung Gyu Lee, Hojun Shim: 
Graduate Class For System-Level Low-Power Design



*Numan S Dogan, Paul Franzon, Wentai Liu: 
Impact of an SoC Research Project on Microelectronics Education: A Case Study



*R James Duckworth: 
Embedded System Design with HDLs (lessons learned and pitfalls to be avoided)



*Robert J. Bowman: 
An Educational Program for Engineering Careers in Analog and Mixed-Signal Electronic Design



*Sandeep Shukla: 
Teaching `Game Theory for Computer Engineering`



*Sanggyu Park, Soo-Ik Chae: 
A two-week program for Platform-based SoC Design



*Vikram Jandhyala, Yasuo Kuga, David Allstot, C.J. Richard Shi: 
Bridging Circuits and Electromagnetics in a Curriculum aimed at Microelectronic Analog and Microwave Simulation and Design



*John A. Nestor: 
Teaching Computer Organization with HDLs: An Incremental Approach



*Sarah Harris, *David Harris: 
Inexpensive Student-Assembled FPGA / Microcontroller Board








Session 4 - Posters - 3:30 - 5:00pm, Sunday, June 12




*Asim Smailagic, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Uwe Maurer, Anthony Rowe, Karen P. Tang: 
A Context-Specific Electronic Design and Prototyping Course



*Diego Fernando Jiménez Oróstegui, Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Manfred Glesner: 
Proxy-based Integration of Reconfigurable Hardware within Simulation Environments: Improving E-Learning Experience in Microelectronics



*Donald Hung: 
Teaching SoC-Oriented Computer Design Course



*Donald Y.C. Lie: 
What Comes After Most Semiconductor Fabs Are OutSourced to Asia?



*J-S. Chenard, A. U. Khalid, M. Prokic, R. Zhang, A. Chattopadyay, Z. Zilic: 
Expandable and Robust Laboratory for Microprocessor Systems



James E. Stine, Johannes Grad, Ivan Castellanos, Jeff Blank, Vibhuti Dave, Mallika Prakash: 
A Framework for High-Level Synthesis of System-on-Chip Designs



*James Hamblen: 
Using Second Generation SOPC Boards for Student Design Projects



*Jari Nurmi, Jan Madsen, Erwin Ofner, Jouni Isoaho, Hannu Tenhunen: 
The SoC-Mobinet Model in System-on-Chip Education



Jean-Francois Thibeau, Mortimer Hubin, Francois Deslauriers, *Guy Bois: 
A Reprogrammable SoC Design for a Real-Time Control Application



Joachim Neves Rodrigues, Matthias Kamuf, Hugo Hedberg, Viktor Öwall: 
A Manual on ASIC Front to Back End Design Flow



*Kang Yi, Kyeong-Hoon Jung: 
Partnership between Venture Companies and Universities through Students’ Extra-Curriculum Activities


Dong-ha Lee, Kyeong-Hoon Jung, *Kang Yi, Yun-Seok Cho, Youn-Sik Han, Deuk-Cheol Kang: 
Development of Partnership between Industry and University via Customized Field-Oriented Curriculum


M. Balakrishnan, B. S. Panwar: 
A Specialized Graduate Program in VLSI Design Tools and Technology



*Manik Gadhiok, Joseph R. Cavallaro, J. Patrick Frantz, Ricky Hardy, Patrick Murphy, Hyeokho Choi: 
An FPGA-based Daughtercard for TI's C6000 family of DSKs



*Manish Pradhan: 
Simplified Micro-Controller & FPGA Platform for DSP Applications



Michael A. Shanblatt , *Brian Foulds: 
A Simulink-to-FPGA Implementation Tool for Enhanced Design Flow



Michael J. Wirthlin: 
Senior-Level Embedded Systems Design Project Using FPGAs



*Pallavi Shurpali, Ravi Shankar, Ellie Shuff: 
SystemC for a Paradigm Shift: Concurrency Modeling



*Robert D. Walstrom, Joseph Schneider, Diane T. Rover: 
Teaching System Level Design using SpecC and SystemC



Roger Chamberlain, *John Lockwood, Saurabh Gayen, Richard Hough, Phillip Jones: 
Use of a Soft Core Processor in a Hardware/Software Codesign Laboratory



*Ryuichi Takahashi, Hajime Ohiwa: 
Legitimate Peripheral Participation on FPGA for Fine-Grain Microprocessor Design Education



Hugo Hedberg, Thomas Lenart, Henrik Svensson: 
A Complete MP3 Decoder on a Chip



Luis Gomes, Aniko Costa: 
Teaching Formal Methods within SoPC Design



Marília Lima, André Aziz, Diogo Alves, Patrícia Lira, Vitor Schwambach, *Edna Barros: 
ipPROCESS: Using a Process to Teach IP-core Development

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